Welcome.  I am Molly Dugger Brennan, a freelance Southern writer and speaker.  I am a Virginia Southerner all the way down to my camellia pink toes and I worship the holy trinity of Southern living:  a porch, a pie, and a pack of dogs.

I write the “Mill Creek Stories” column for Blue Ridge Country magazine.  It’s a wonderful periodical covering all that is interesting from Maryland down through Georgia and has the most beautiful photography to accompany the stories.  Please check it out.

I welcome your opinions and ideas, so feel free to holler at me.  Oh, and if you’re the fragile, pearl-clutching type and easily offended, you may have just wandered into the wrong neck of the Internet woods.  Just saying.

Everybody else, come on in.  Let’s have some fun.  If you can think of anyone who might enjoy my writing, please invite them to the party by sending them a link.  If you can think of anyone who might have the inclination and the cash to hire me, or publish my work, call them immediately.  Thanks. You’re a peach!

Molly Dugger Brennan

Molly Dugger Brennan


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